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If you will be joining us, your RSVP must be received before the big night!


About the Night


Everyone loves a good wedding. It’s got everything a perfect party does: love, booze, dancing, and if your lucky - a little drama.
So we joyfully invite you to join us July 27th for a night of celebration and exaltation to the God of love at Sadie Winslow & Winona Rivera’s immersive theatrical wedding. Come as friends, leave as family. Good music, good company, and knowing the brides to be, surprises are surely in store.

About the Couple


Jello shots!
Our love story wouldn’t be complete without them. Win and I are convinced that without jello shots we never even would have met. 2 years ago at Win’s law firm’s holiday party, that I planned, the jello shots came out. After a night of handling every detail of the event, I was down a staff member, and I started passing out jello shots to the guests - the drunkest of whom was our sweet Winona. Win grabbed three. I, recognizing the unfortunate potential of over-serving the firm’s lead attorney, offered to take one off her hands. We talked all night and closed down the party...the rest is history.*
*Disclaimer: When you book Sadie Winslow Event Design, I can’t guarantee you’ll meet the love of your life but the jello shots will always be on time.

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winona sadie garden vignette.jpg

The Ceremony

7:00 PM

Vauxhall, The Ramble

1280 25th St
Denver, CO 80205
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Photography by Wendy McKearney @mckearnyphotography

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The Accommodations

The ramble Hotel

1280 25th St
Denver, CO 80205

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The Registry

There’s no need to bring a gift, your presence is everything we want for our special night.
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